The Cairo Project -- a report by the students of the School of Journalism at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


Here is a list of links to other sites that pertain to Cairo, its history and future.
Please check back often as this list will grow.

A forum and message board about Cario at
Old postcards depicting Cairo
A map of Cairo from Google Maps
Wikipedia's page about Cairo
An Angelfire site concerning Cairo's role in the Civil War
A story in the May 20, 2007 New York Times
The SIU Office of Economic and Regional Development Master Plan for Fort Defiance Park
Perspective map of Cairo, circa 1888, from the Library of Congress
An NPR story on Stace England's Greetings from Cairo, IL CD project
A walkinginplace site on Cairo
Historic Cairo on the offical web site for Cairo High School alumni from the 1960s
A forum and message board from The Cairo Gate
A partial city directory from the 1860s
Ulysses S. Grant's stay in Cairo from Southernmost Illinois History
NASA aerial photo of the confluence from the Visible Earth website
A website on the Sears Modern Homes Project, which had a busy lumber mill in Cairo
A page about the Cairo gate on American Infrastructure
The history of the song “Black them Boots (Goin' Down to Cairo),” and the related term “Liza Jane”